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Exam Time? Feeling Stressed? Now Is The Time To Act!

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Are your exams near?

You must be stressed, right?

I know I am right!

Everybody is ….

, when it comes to tackling exam!

If anyone seems to be not so caring, then believe me, that is just a show off!

Yes you heard it right!

Either He/she is showing off that he/she doesn’t care or ignorant enough to not worry about the results or rather knowing the exam results in advance. :D

So what is the point I want to prove here?

Nothing, the point is to tell you that you are not the only one who is terrified with what is going to happen in exam, every second guy is.

Needless to say as the D Day is approaching you have made several changes in your routine.

You must have reduced numbers of playing hours
Must have cut the time that you spend with your friends and if you do then most of the time you discuss about the dreadful exam papers that is going to churn out your brain. No?
Above all you have even started talking less to your family members, Right?
You simply get annoyed when someone asks your help, Right?

So what’s again the Point I am trying to make?

Same again, everyone does!

Believe me if you think these points applies to you perfectly then No wonder every second person who is going to sit in the exam hall with you is feeling the same.

But why I am telling you all these?

OK, before I answer, I want you to figure it out.

Did You?


OK, I just wanted to make you feel that you are no less than any one of your fellow friend who is going to share the exam hall with you.

If you think that Guy X has done it all and you have not even started then probably you are doing a mistake.

There is no doubt if the Guy X has been consistent throughout the year and have covered all the syllabus for the exam time, has an edge over the others but if he not able to recollect all those things at exam than it is a waste from exam perspective.

Believe me how you do in a test is much more dependent on how you have managed to do in the last 1-2 months.
Yes, once again you heard it right!

Exam is test of:
How great strategic you are as a person
How greatly you are able to implement your strategy
How much you are able to hold your nerves
How much you are able to make the best use of what you have got/studied
In a nutshell, how you approach things, that is, Your Attitude!

So, If you think all of what I have said applies to you than it’s the time to react not sit and suck over all the quality time that you have wasted.

Attitude is not built up by reading an article, or in a day or getting motivated by some biography.
You start building it when you start acting!

Yes you again heard it right!

It’s the time for you to get up and make a great plan for you and start acting it like crazy, 80% chances are you will fail at the first time..!!!

Does that horrify you?

But you have nothing to lose from here and the good thing is that you will only gain from here.
Keep in mind not everything can be tested in a single exam and not a single exam can decide your future but that doesn’t mean you will screw off your exam easily anyway.

At their peak time Australian Cricket Team has this awesome attitude of not accepting the defeat until the last ball is not delivered, Even if they have to score 70 runs in an over, they will try to make every effort to go for at-least 36 runs in an over (This is the maximum score that can be scored in an over provided the baller/fielder does not give some extra runs).

They will have all the fielders in a 15-30 Yard circle even if the batting team has to score just 1 run with 10 wickets remaining in 10 overs.

So what I am trying to prove here, there were teams that have better individual players, but Australians were undefeatable even against the World’s Top 11 team.

That was just because of their attitude!

They simply won’t let go anything!

They will fight every bit of it.

And what is the greatest thing they never felt down when they lose, because they took those moments to assess their selves and came back better every time.

Australians are the only team I have seen who will score an average of 4-4.5 per over in a test match while the other team averaging it around 3 or less.


They had always come with a mindset to win the match and series, that only puts the pressure on the opposite team and as result Australia has the record of winning the highest number of test matches in a row.

Needless to say, From the day they had stopped showing this attitude, started declining as a team.

Believe me with this attitude you too can!

There is nothing going to stop you from being a winner if you made a hard headed decision.

Go Tiger It’s your turn now!

Still have any doubt or want to ask something? Let me know in the comment box.

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 : The Biggest Phone From Micromax!


Micromax Canvas doodle 2
Micromax Canvas doodle 2

Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 : The Biggest Phone From Micromax! 

The Leading Indian Mobile company Micromax who got excellent selling figures in India after launching Canvas series (The story started after the launch of Micromax canvas 2) has launched the best mobile phone of its category, It is also having the biggest screen a huge 5.7 inch screen display named Canvas Doodle 2. Keeping in view that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III is also said to have the screen size as big as 5.7 inches.

Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 : Availability

The phone is available on the online retail shop After the gigantic success of canvas series Micromax is launching new phones to give a fair bit of competition to Samsung. Currently, Micromax is the best deal for you if you want to have a Smartphone enabled with the latest technology at affordable price.

The Phone is said to be dispatched in 5 working days by .

Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 : Pricing

Canvas Doodle 2  is priced as low as 19,990 Indian Rupees and that makes it the most expensive phone launched by Micromax till date. 

Canvas 2 which was priced around 10,000 INR and having all the features and technology which could give a fair bit of competition to the best Phones launched by Samsung. With the growing popularity of Canvas 2 and Canvas 2 HD Samsung launched its Grand phone with similar feature but at the price around 20000 INR.

This new canvas Doodle 2 has a tagline of "Can your imagination get bigger?" However the phone is not listed on the company’s website yet

Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 : Features

Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 will be having a screen resolution of 1280x720P, which is same as that of the Micromax Canvas HD and Micromax Canvas 4 Phones. The phone is baked with 1 GB of RAM for better and smooth functionality, and is powered with 1.2 GigaHz Quad-core Processor giving it a superior speed. This device runs on Android Jelly bean 4.2  and comes with Micromax’s “Blow to unlock” feature. That is the phone can be unlocked with just a blow.

Internal Storage capacity is 12 GB for the huge storage. Some of the good feature of this is phone will be faster & more responsive touch, intelligent notification bar, smooth animations, simple navigation, re-sizable widgets & apps and re-defined UI.
The Features of this phone at a glance are:

  • Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core
  • 5.7 Inch Touch Screen
  • Blow or Shake handset to Unlock
  • 12 MP Rear/5 MP Front Camera
  • 12 GB Internal Memory
  • IPS Display
  • Dual LED Flash
  • 2600mAh Battery
  • Dual Sim
  • WiFi
  • 3G

Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 will be having a camera resolution of 12 MP with dual LED flash on the back and shooter of 5 MP in the front side. A 2,600mAh battery has said to have a talk time of 8 hours on 2G networks. Also as per the snapdeal, connectivity options such as 2g, 3G and Wi-Fi are available.

Micromax an Indian phone company and has been a big success and is way ahead of its counterparts such as karbonn mobile, celkon mobile etc.

Micromax has said it will launch a total of 30 smartphones this year and handsets likes Canvas HD and Canvas 4 have been successful ventures.


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Amazing trick To Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Request


So Today one of my friend’s Facebook account was hit by some spammer and he asked me to have a look over it. Giving the details of the problem he was facing he told me that, Today on my notification I see many notices that says some Mr./Miss X, Y, Z  has accepted your friend request these are the persons I never remember to whom I have send the requests.

When I had a look of his notification his concern seem to be genuine as many of the friend requests were getting accepted on a single day and most of them were strangers. So, There was definitely something fishy.

As an instant solution he wanted me to cancel all the pending requests sent to the strangers and he was Ok with those who already have accepted his friend request (as a result of those spammy request).

I never had encountered such issue so even I needed to do a bit of research, but most of the article related to the topic that is “How to Cancel the Pending Facebook Friend requests” over internet were obsolete as Facebook changes its user interface over the time frequently. Even The Great Technology Blog “” by Amit Agarwal had some outdated materials for this.

An Article on this suggested me to download my All Facebook Data and follow the process which would have taken me a day or more to complete and I was like … ROFL!

So I did a bit of research on my own profile and have come up with two great Ideas that are really a life saver and can be completed in just minutes:

The first one I would say is a perfect white Hat method and takes more time if you don't have too many friend request sent and have not been approved by the person. This method is likely to be useful for those who have not been hit by the spam rather they have sent the friend request intentionally to a few people which have not been accepted.

1st Method: Cancel Pending Friend Request One by one

I would advise you to follow this step if you have not sent too many friend requests that are yet to be approved and many of those requests are pending. Simply because you have to cancel each sent request one by one and that takes a bit of time.

Now follow these steps:

1.       Go to your Facebook timeline. For that you need to click your name on the facebook home page.

facebook friend request
Cancel all pending facebook friend request

2.      Click on the activity Log.

3.      On the Left sidebar of the Facebook page click on the “More” button you can see the Activity logs which shows your chart of different Facebook activities. Here we are concerned with friend’s activity so click on the link “friends” as shown in the image 2.

facebook friend request
Cancel all pending facebook friend request

4.      Now you are in to your Friends activity log book. You can see here all your “friend request sent”, “friend request accepted” and “friend request received”.

5.      Now all you have to do “Ctrl+F” and type in “sent”.

6.      You will be able to see all the instances where you have send a friend request which are still pending.

facebook friend request
Cancel all pending facebook friend request

7.      Now The process is simple, just hover your mouse on the person’s name, A sort bio window of the person will appear

8.      Now, Hover your mouse on the “Friend Request Sent” button and click on “Unfriend”.

9.      Bingo, you are done!

2nd Method: The Apparent Black Hat Method.

This method is advisable if you have been hit by a “Multiple Friend Request sending” spam or you have sent a friend request in bulk or have been caught red handed by your Girlfriend/wife sending request to different girl. ;)

This Method I call a black hat method because you will be fooling Facebook in doing something out of the Facebook Norms.

So here You Go:

1.       Pick out any random name you think of.

2.      Search that name in Facebook friend finder.

3.      Pick out any random one from the search result and check that you are not anyway connected with him also the guy/girl has lot many friends and the list of friend is shared.

4.      Now go to his Friend section and start sending friend requests randomly to every person you see in the list.

5.      After sending a good number of friend request say 50. Facebook will prompt you that
“You are sending friend request to multiple person and your friend request has been blocked for next two days. i.e. You will not be abl to send any request for next two days”.

Now click on the next button and on the next screen it will ask you want to “cancel the entire pending friend request”.

Say yes to that and just click next.

(Note: You will not be able to send any friend request by this method for the next two days).

6.      Now click on the Like button of our Facebook page. ;)

7.      And Voila! You have cancelled all of your previously sent friend requests.

<========================== UPDATE ==========================>

You can also directly see the list of friend request sent and people you may know list HERE
Pre-Condition = You should be logged in to your Facebook Acc.

<========================== UPDATE ==========================>

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

How To Make People Stay On Your Website.

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Why User Time Spent On Your Website Is Important For You?

In view of search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing  The importance of a webpage is based significantly on how much time a user spend on the webpage this is pertaining to the fact that the more time a user spend on a webpage the more relevant and more importance the page is having in view of a user.

How Long Does A User Stay On Your Website? :

So the question here is how long does a user stays on a webpage before leaving it. The answer to this question is perennial yet a simple answer is :

Not very Long!

Normally a user will leave a page in the time duration of 10-20 seconds, this is simply because of the fact that a user searching information on internet with the help of a search engine is presented by tons of results over the internet and user has to choose for the most relevant result among these.

Pages with a clear value proposition are able to get the gaze for much longer. Study says the visit duration for a webpage follows negative “Weibull Distribution”. The average page visit duration lasts slightly less than a minute. Time spent on a website varies widely. According to latest study as the user rush through the web pages they have time to surf only one quarter of the content of a webpage.

Are You A Great Writer And You Write Extremely Well?

Unless you are a great writer with focused and extraordinary content a very little of what you have to say will be perceived by the user. Due to this large variation the average time spent on the webpage is not the clear measure of the time what time a user spend on a website.

What Do Researches Say?

 According to the latest research done by Microsoft, mathematical depiction of the user behavior follows the negative Weibull Distribution curve. This was based on the data collected from 205,873 different Web pages for which 10,000 visits data were captured.

I won’t go to the technical detail of this study as chances are you will leave this page soon too.  ;) So I will simply tell you the simple understanding of this and how you can utilize it to increase your spent time on your website.

user behavior on Internet
user behavior on Internet (courtesy: )

Now consider the above graph this is a simple “Probability of Leaving the Webpage Now” vs. “Time Visiting the Page so Far” (In Seconds).

Analyze The Graph To Understand The User Behavior:

As you can see the first 10 seconds are very crucial for determining whether the user will stay on the page or will leave instantly. The curve in this reason is very steep. This user behavior is due to the suffering from many poorly designed Web Pages and containing mostly the useless information, in the past and user tend to be very skeptical in this time frame.

As it is clear from the chart that first 10 seconds are very crucial as user in this initial time judge the usefulness of a page and the probability of a user leaving this time frame is quite high. There are certain factors such as:

  • Good and Eye-catching Web Design
  • Simple Layout
  • Focused and high quality content
  • Meaningful Good Quality images

Can catch the attention of a user and make user stay longer on the webpage.

If the webpage survives this screening round of 10 seconds of user judgment, user will stay around the webpage a bit for the time frame of next 20 seconds that is during the 30 seconds. However the user is still likely to leave the page. Only after the user have managed to stay for 30 seconds on the page, the curve becomes extremely flat after the 30 seconds. People still leave the page but now at a very slow rate as compared to the first 30 seconds.

So in a nutshell, if you managed to make user stay for the first 30 seconds, there is a fare chance that the user will stay long enough on most of the time 2 minute or more.

So all I would say that to gain the several minutes of stay of a user on your website you have 10 seconds of to communicate your value proposition.