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Is Computer your only girlfriend you do have ?

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Is Computer your only girlfriend you do have ?

 Hi Guys! This is my First Blog for this site. Well, I think that "Things are not interesting, Rather They are made interesting"
 . Just Go through this Blog and  You Will  Clap My shoulders for this Idea.


  Before penning down (or rather say MS - Wording) this Blog, I was highly confused about this ‘ creative writing ’ pertaining to my creativity which is absolutely zero (in magnitude, direction unknown a Vector Quantity, I guess), see everything is difficult until you go for it.

  After elaborating a lot I thought what better than writing something about computers (being a computer engineer I am supposed to show my creativity at).

COMPUTER IS A DUMB MACHINE : Is that what you think ?

  Well, people say that computer is a dumb machine, (highly confused in their own thoughts) even it has come out better than some of the most intelligent persons ( Chess championship b/w world champions and the computer ) in this world, for me is an obedient servant following all your instructions relentlessly without making any objections no doubt it won’t make its own choice but that’s what servants are supposed to, right. 

Can you get one by just paying Rs.-22,000(around) and feeding it the cheapest meal ‘electricity ’?


  How many of us can read a novel, write a page, play soccer (ludo in case you are a female entity), and admire your beloved (ofcourse if you have one) at the same time? If you are a computer user (even if novice) think what tasks it can perform for you simultaneously from playing music,   internet surfing, Creating your Power point presentation, reading e-books, Image Printing, e-mail, Saving tons of Files, . 

Of course it cannot move itself but can make the world’s heaviest plane moving can send your admiration to your beloved within a fraction of a second. Hat’s off to the community of computer scientist and engineers and thanks to the almighty, I belong to the same community.

  A computer can understand nothing but 0’s and 1’s. So, whatever you see in is a magical combination of these two beautiful numbers. In this regard we can feel ourselves proud in the way that half of the contribution to the core in computer is done by India (remember ‘0’ is the gift of India to the world).


  I have got thousands more reasons for which you will fall in love with computers but that’ll cost the entire Website.
  One thing more I had to discuss with you which generally creates havoc among computer users is ‘ virus ’. When you think of a virus what pops up in your mind, in my case it is those cartoon characters shown in Colgate ad having rocket launcher in their hands and my computer at the target.
  They create vulnerability but not all of them, just like snakes (according to some estimation only 5-10%of the snakes are poisonous but all the snakes are treated with contempt ). If you are a little conscious you are more than 90% safe from them.
  But the question arises what actually viruses are, who are their parents, why the virus is written , how can I smell them, how can we protect ourselves from them planting one of those rocket on us. Let’s answer them one by one.


Viruses are basically an executable file (or better say a computer program written in some programming language for better understanding) designed to infect documents, has ability to survive by replicating itself(analogous to a demon ‘raktbeej’ in Indian mythology ),it disguises itself as a legitimate Computer program that a user would not normally  suspect (reminds me of our ‘ vikalp performance ’ in which we used a sheet holder as a telescope and boys had to look through they acted it so well, I wondered if they could really see through ).


  Most virus Programmer do not create them with the aim of creating havoc or destroying computer, just out of interest they create and send it to their friends, and like most e-mail viruses they spread out.


 For now you can create your own virus, I’ll tell you how. This would certainly release some fear.-

 “Right click on your desktop navigate through new-> shortcut and type in the item location textfield exactly as it is shown in bold letters  ‘c:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 5’ (without Single quote) then click next now type the name of one you hate the most (yes viruses are like your enemy who intrude on) and you are done. A corresponding shortcut is created on the desktop all you have to do is to " double click " it once wait for five seconds and first time your servant has made its own choice without asking for confirmation it will shut down within five seconds.”

A few steps towards Virus Protection : 

  • Perform a search in your whole system for file of ‘ .exe ’ extension, type “*.exe” in the search textbox if it comes out to be a folder then its high chances of it being a virus.
  • Install a good Antivirus for yourself.
  • Do not open suspected e-mail attachments.
  • Keep your Operating system updated.
  • Use firewall.


  • Computer running slowly
  • Computer crash
  • Computer freezes
  • Getting unexpected message on computer
  • programs starting automatically 

are few lakshans by which you can identify that your system might have a virus running. However, they are not the guaranteed  signs.


  •    The love bug has hit almost 10 billion users within less than a week of its existence. The damage done by it is considered to be more than that done by Melissa. It is considered to be one of the all-time greats in virus history with around 13 variants already on loose.
  •   Melissa, the deadliest macro virus ever to hit the net, is dreaded by people all over the world. It is believed that Melissa originated in Western Europe on the newsgroup. Melissa was a Word macro virus. That is it was written in the Visual Basic editor which came along with Office97 or Office2000 .  

I made you read the entire BLOG without getting bored, Creativity! Right????


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