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Revive Your Phone | Remove virus free of cost

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Spending money for what you can do yourself is probably a bad idea. Right? I am going to share some tricks here that will help you save hundreds of bucks from here onwards.

What do you do when your:
  • phone is infected by some virus 
  • phone hangs frequently
  • phone is responding terribly slow
  • You are constantly getting system

You probably rush off for the repair store and spend hundreds or thousands of bucks for something which is quite simple to do in a few steps. In this post I am going to tell you about some simple tricks on Your Nokia Mobile that you will love to perform on you Nokia Set. Of course it will save your time too. For other Phone Set users the Possible tips will be posted soon.

Well there are three options that you can try
  • Restore Factory Settings
  • Soft Reset
  • Hard Reset


The Thing which you must keep in mind before doing any of these tricks is:
Make sure that is phone set is completely charged so that it does not interrupt the process with a power failure.
You need to back up your data that is in your phone memory for example phone numbers , images, videos etc. You can use Nokia PC Suite for this purpose.

1. Restore Factory Setting:

 This is the first method you might have come across several times while exploring your phone‘s GUI (Graphical user Interface). If not navigate through the option Setting => phone => general and then Restore Factory Setting. You might be asked for the phones default lock code. The default lock code is “12345”. Enter this code and your phone will be restarted automatically. By doing this all your settings will be reset to the time when your phone was released from the Factory.

2. Soft Reset:

 If the previous method have not solved our problems and the problem persists try this method. This resetting method will help you to clear all types of pending errors. And will take yor setting to the state of factory release. The code for the soft reset is: *#7780# and the default lock code is “12345”. Enter this code and your phone will be restarted automatically. This function apparently works on almost all Nokia mobile phones.

# This method will restore all the .ini files from ROM keeping intact all of you data which generally consists of music files, video, photos, themes and 3rd party applications etc.

3. Hard Reset:

 If the problem is still persisting then you need to opt for this option. The code for the hard reset is *#7370# then It will ask you for confirmation You already know the default lock code 12345 .  Kindly note that this method is needed to be done with care You must follow the precautions otherwise the phone may get damaged. It is suggested that you save all essential information on your phone memory or computer.

# This resetting method will Completely format phone memory. Default files will be entirely cleaned up and will be rewritten. By this method Your phone’s firmware will get a new life all the virus will be removed and your phone OS will be a brand new.

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