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10 most amazing tricks to use Google Search Engine!

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10 most amazing tricks to use Google Search efficiently

Searching on Google is a soothing experience if you know the tricks for performing an efficient Google search. All of us access the Google search engine for retrieving the information on the internet but I think a very few people know what are the various tricks to perform an efficient searching.

In this blog I will discuss with you a few tricks that must enhance your skills of retrieving the information from the ocean of information that is World Wide Web. Here are the 10 most amazing tricks that you are going to love for sure.

1. Choose the file type that you need:

At times we need materials in forms of PDF, DOC, PPT. for example remember the time when you need information on certain topics while doing some assignment work or making some project or going for PowerPoint Presentation or some white paper.

For this very occasion Google has a keyword   “filetype”. Let’s exemplify this. Let’s say you have to perform a case study on “Google search Engine”. Then what you should do is that type this in the Google search box the keyword in double quotes without the quotes. 

For DOC – "Google search Engine filetype:doc"
For PPT – "Google search Engine filetype:ppt"
For PDF – "Google search Engine filetype:pdf"

2. Google Scholar Search

If you are worried about authenticity or genuineness of the information then the best option for you is to try the materials that have been provided by some educational institutes or universities. For this use the Google Scholar Search.

But if you are not in a mood to switch to the Google Scholar Search then you can do that with the first method I suggested with an additional parameter check this. Google Search Engine filetype:pdf site:edu .

3. Want to search information from a single site:

There is a site operator in Google that helps you fetch all the information from a single site. This information is very crucial sometimes let’s take an example if you know that has a good quality of songs to be downloaded and you want to find some song from this site only then here is how:

"  i love you"

This operator is very powerful tool and can be used for many purposes.

4. Meanings of any word in an instant

With an access to Google site you don’t need to carry a hard copy dictionary or to install a dictionary software just for the purpose of finding out a meaning of a word. With the Google in your hand it is merely a cakewalk to find a complete bio-data of a word. For this purpose all you need to do is to use the define: keyword.

Let’s say for example I want to know about the word Love.


Along with the meaning there will be a set of links which might have an alternative definition are also included that gives you an option to explore more about the word. Well seeing the results you will probably think that a dictionary will give you more information but what about the other words that are not listed in the vocabulary e.g

Abbreviations – "define:SEO"
SMS language – "define:LOL"

5. Find the time of any location

There are times when we want to know the time in the different regions of the world. For example if someone is working in a BPO and gets a call from US then he needs to know the time in that region of the world.

Similarly if we are talking to some of our friend from abroad and do need to wish for his birthday then we will need the time zone in which our friend is residing. There are people who install time zone software for doing this but with Google you don’t need to do that. Check this: 

"time california"

6. Weather at your fingertips

I remember once we had planned to go to Jammu. Considering it to be a very cool place we took a lot of luggage which included blankets and jackets. Though the actual weather was not as we expected and we felt pissed off for our decision to carry those luggage with us.

Thus knowledge of the weather before going to some different place is beneficial. Google can also help you with this. This will help you make an efficient packing for your next tour:

"Jammu weather"

7. live commentary on Google!

Most Indian are cricket fans. But it is difficult for us to see the live cricket match if you are working in an organization. Instead what we do that we sneak in to some live cricket scoring site. Google can also help you here.

For live updates about the cricket scores:

If you are looking for all the updates about cricket then


If you are looking for some specific match then

"cricket India vs Australia"

*Remember that the score comes only when the match is going on and and  India Australia are just variants.

8. Google as calculator

Simply Open Google and type your mathematical expression that you want a solution for. You can use whatever basic arithmetic or trigonometrical expressions. This is one of the most amazing stuff accomplished by Google.

"5*9+(sqrt 10)^3"

9. Convert your currency to other

Google’s inbuilt currency converter can convert one currency to the other.

"1 USD in INR"
"1 EUR in INR"

10. Keep track of the stocks

Those who take keen interest in stock market Google is also helpful for them. The operator to be used is as follows:

"Stocks: ranbaxy"

The best thing about the result is that it provides a chart which shows the trend in the company’s stock along with important statistics. Currently the results are restricted to the companies listed in the US stock markets.

 Google always keep on improving its search methods so Guys If I have missed anything or if you have some more or want some help you can suggest it in comments.


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