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Four years is a considerable time span of one’s life and if this period is vowed to a B. Tech. then what to say? B. Tech. life is a roller coaster life in an amusement park where there are sharp curves and steep inclines characterized by abrupt and extreme changes. If I try to share my experiences of four years in SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY it will take me another four years to complete the task So, I thought to share a few with you people. Some of them are as sweet as cherry and some are as sour as lime.


What better than starting from the first lecture I attended in the college? It was a “ Solid State Physics ” lecture and the topic was Quantum Mechanics. On that day the class was full of 59 students other than me and everyone brimming with the energy and self-assurance in spite of that everyone looked a bit nervous and so was me. The vigor of having cracked AIEEE was obvious glinting on their face leaving a few who seemed to be cracked by AIEEE.
Well, I can bet concepts of Quantum Mechanics would’ve hardly ever been understood even by those who might have formulated it. ψ and ψ* ; these trident like symbols were the most scary things, I ever had to deal with after Finance Office. After a brief introduction of every student the lecture started. The whole lecture was depiction of how Particle starts behaving differently on relative speed comparable to that of light. The way prof. was waving his hand I felt like finding a relation between the speed he‘s delivering the lecture and his wave nature.
“When the speed of light changes in vacuum ………………. ”
This was the time when his flow was interrupted and was counter questioned by one of the geek from us –
“Sir! But Speed of light in vacuum is a universal constant how can it get changed??”
I don’t know what exactly that expression is called but I observed a few droplets on his forehead but like a well programmed robot he tried to catch up with his speed again.
“Actually, this change is a very slight change…………”
I felt an urge to further elaborating the discussion but I kinda shy in nature and considering his cryptic face I thought this slight change is so slight that he might be the only person in this universe to observe that, I kept quiet. After that incident or better say accident Solid State Physics  became my favorite lecture to attend not because I started taking interest in the subject, rather I started taking interest in the lecture.


The 2nd best place I could find after coming here was mess. It was then only when I come to know Why it is called a “ Mess ”. The mess  in SMVDU makes you strong in all aspects, not only physically but mentally as well. I know you people will feel like killing me after reading this but believe me you really need to be mentally strong to accept the food provided and really need to be physically strong to digest it.


The discussion will be incomplete if I don’t mention SMVDU exam system. See tomorrow I’ve to write the paper of “ Fuzzy Logic ” (or better call it “ Furzzy Logic ” where everything seems to be based on probability theory ) for the 2nd minor but I’m not at all interested as you can see I am busy writing this article. One good thing about SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY exam system is that it has made me sluggish towards exams. Just think of these statistics
4 Years = 8 semester
8 semester = 16 minors + 8 Majors
16 minor = 16*3 = 48 days
8 Major = 8*12days (around) = 96 days
Total = (96 + 48) Days = 144 Days
144 days/30 Days (i.e. a month) = 4.8 months
4.8 months > A semester
If we further elaborate these Statistics we can say that 1 out of our 8 precious semesters is wasted in testing students. Its high time when changes should brought to our exam system; I hope honorable Vice Chancellor sir will get to read this article and he will see the system from students perspective and if it is really done I’ll consider my writing as a successful and revolutionary venture. My opinion in this regard is that we can replace the two minors with a single mid-sem exam and also the stress should be on testing how much time we devote to our study not how many times we are tested. Obviously it should not be a test of how much we can cram in a single night (a night before the exam) where girls are always better at.


“ Reliable Internet connection ” to our hostel this is what we have been listening since our very first semester. Every new semester we were assured of it like promises made by leaders of election party and now when we have barely one and a half month to go finally we have got it in Vindhyachal. I am not sure for how long but at least for now we are enjoying. Looks like it’s time for elections after four years.


On top of all Vikalp was one of my best experiences. It is an organization which really makes the campus alive; in a place where students from more than two thousand kilometers come in the search of knowledge and at the same time children of nearby places are in need of a healthy knowledge environment. This organization, I remember was formulated for the sole purpose of handing these children pen and pencils instead of bricks and mortar. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this voluntary organization for two years. Vikalp itself gave me many wonderful experiences and unforgettable moments. Children’s day celebrationsperformances in auditorium, watching cartoon movies with them are all awesome. But the most sizzling was with this girl ‘Razia’, a student of 4th standard.


Kids in Vikalp
One day I was teaching them the English text book of fourth Std. I don’t remember the wordings exactly but it was a poem in praise of our motherland and the martyrs who voluntarily suffered death for the sake of their country’s freedom. I was explaining the meaning of the poem line by line and was asking questions at the same time to check their interest level. When I asked ‘Razia’
“Which country is our motherland?”
She fell silent. I again told her that India is our motherland but she shook her head in denial. Then I asked her “Why?”
“Sir, we are Muslims.”
Truly speaking, I never felt the seismic vibration in SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY when it actually occurred many times but it was the moment when I felt it even it hadn’t occurred. I was speechless and senseless for a while I really had no idea of what to tell her or how to convince her. Later on I came to know that it was her grandmother responsible for her surplus knowledge.


Half of my B. Tech was already gone and I was in 6th semester; when one day I was in Internet lab, if I remember it exactly, on system no. 137, busy surfing on net eventually I turned around and then from the corner of my eyes, I saw a cute, round face with a pair of beautiful eyes; her waist length hair was like two black Cobras whirled together; wrapped up in white kurti she looked like an Angel missing her wings and the magic wand and typing on the key-board system No. 122 (that was something which took me back to the real world ). For a fraction of second my eyes stuck on her face. I tried not to gaze at her and spun my head away but like a spring loaded door it automatically turned back towards her. Even I had to leave for the lecture I felt like stuck to my chair it was then only when I realized that                        ‘ Fevicol ’ ads may not be exaggerated. After that incident my eyes were in constant search of her but I hardly ever could find her except for a few times when she came to my sight and at very next moment she disappeared. Pertaining to her being of shy but descent in nature talking to her seemed to me the hardest nut to crack but thanks a ton to“ Mark Zukerberg ” and a few of her friends, finally we started talking.
My friends make fun out of me. They say what kinda love is yours? why don’t you tell your feelings to her? But tell you honestly ; to add her as a friend on ‘ Facebook ’ I had to add three of her friends in my friend list first and I am highly scared of applying same formula for proposing her (Proposing three of her friends first). In love the best conversation is done through eyes but the worst thing with these social networking sites is that you can exchange your words but not expressions. Sometimes she feels that I want to change her. Stupid!!!!  She will never understand that the only thing I want to change in her is her ‘ surname ’ with mine. In fact I love the way she is. It’s her shyness which makes her much more beautiful then what actually she is. I am scared if she really loses it.
Love is such a powerful thing, sometimes it drives you crazy and makes you do wonders. If you people don’t believe me let me tell you a short story of mine:
When I was in my 10th std. and just 5 days were left for my board exams. (You all must have gone through this phase so need not explain how frightening these days could be.) I, Vikash and Maninath(all the three toppers of our class and all the three nuts) planned to go to a nearby river to beat the stress (Mum and Dad had been to my Nanihal so there was no problem skipping ). The hell! Among the three I was the only one who didn’t know how to swim. They Promised me to make me learn how to. The river was a hill side one so high current of flow. And Oh My God! On that day, I had a very close interview with the own demise, my friends tried to save me but barely they could save their own. May be I had to write this article and tell you all this so I somehow managed to save my life. But that event made me a phobic of deep water.
After a long time (back in SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY); one night I had a nightmare of her drowning in deep river in front of my eyes and the only thing I could do was cry and cry. I suddenly woke up and observed two droplets rolling down (from my eyes) on my cheeks. I thanked god for it was just a nightmare but damn! On that day I decided to learn swimming anyhow on the next encounter. And tell you what a few days ago, I jumped into 7 feet deep (of course after memorizing all the god and goddesses) water and finally did it. Thanks god once again that nightmare can’t be true as long as I am alive.
Guys my advice to you people is that be honest in a relationship and you yourself could do such wonders. Don’t make any girl fall for you if you have no intentions to catch her. God I wish I could tell her once my feelings but only if she wants to listen. The wheel of fate rolls and rolls on and the life goes and goes on. May be I won’t get to see her again, or maybe she finds a better guy, or maybe I’ll breach all the obstacles or distance to see her back again but I don’t bother as long as god is with me. Let’s see what’s in there in the store for me but I will always keep her in my heart as my first and forever love (she actually told me the meaning of).
When I look past of my days in SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY these seem to be the best phase of my life and it is here only when I got best friends of mine. SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY- my alma mater definitely I am gonna miss you a lot for you have made me learn many things. It’s here when I changed myself from a non-professional to a professional. It’s here when I learn how to stand straight even if there is a windstorm ahead, It is here only when I became strong physically and mentally, It’s here only where I knew what we call patience(Thanks to Admin-office) and it’s here only where I got love of my life. All SMVDUites My best wishes is with you. You all are going to have a great future and career ahead and will take the name and pride of SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY to the height where the best of our country reside.

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