Friday, 19 July 2013

Google Pagerank Update: How I Increased My Pagerank Without Any Pagerank Update!

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Google Pagerank Update : How I Increased My Pagerank Without Any Pagerank Update from Google Lately! 

The Google PR of the page changes:

 A few days ago I have redirected my blogger  Blog’s  old sub domain name to the new domain . When I have redirected the domain of my site i.e. was having a pagerank as “not applicable” (Pertaining to the fact that the domain name was updated just a few days ago) But when I checked it on 17th July it says the pagerank of my site is upgraded to “1”. Though this is not what I had expected, I was expecting this to be somewhere around 2 or 3 but as the domain name was purchased and redirected just a few days before the update it seemed logical to me.

What are the benefits of Google Pagerank :

A few of the benefits that Google pagerank provides is:

  • A high PR certainly increases the Status of your blog.
  • Boosts your Brand value.
  • Visitors view your blog as trustworthy.
  • Guest posters will approach you.
  • As Many Guest bloggers approach you get free and good quality (Usually guest posters provide the best quality blog post of theirs) content for your site to be published.
  • Gives you the right of Bragging.
  • Not only the guest posts but Advertisers will love and approach your blog.
  • It makes easy for you to get accepted into advertising networks such as BuySellAds, BlogAds, Google Adsense etc.
  • And above all You feel good about your hard work, it puts a number to your efforts.

What I am Looking for:

Although, PR doesn’t matter much if the visitors are coming to your site. But still, it gives you confidence and a way to motivation to go and put your hard effort. So As the PR is increased I am a little optimistic here and the purpose of the blog keeping the same to help as much as people as I can as I said earlier because this site is not mine this is yours. After thinking a lot I am planning to change my niche of this blog to “Dream education” of most Indians such as Medical, engineering, UPSC CA etc.

So in a few upcoming days you will have a lot to see on this site if you stay connected. I am planning to give you free gifts and I am designing the free goodies for you people. People subscribed to this site and those who will get those freebies without even asking for it. All you have to do is to subscribe to our newsletter.

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