Friday, 19 July 2013

Google Tools For Webmasters

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Google Tools For Webmasters

It has been seen recently that the Google Webmaster tool is redirecting the language of Webmaster page automatically to the country specific languages for example:

When I log in to my Google Webmaster account, I see the webmaster page automatically directed to the Hindi Language (National Language of India). This is little annoying coz there are some words translated in Hindi that are so Hindi specific that even I couldn't figure the meaning of it ;)

So what I did first that when I clicked on the Top right gear box drop down menu and clicked on “Webmaster Tools Preferences”. Below I searched for the “Message language” option and clicked it.
Surprising all the Google supported language was present except the English language. So This trick was of no help to me.

Then I did a little hack of the URL and that worked amazingly.
Even You could do it, It’s that easy :

“Go to the query string of the URL in the location bar and Locate the term “hl=..(Country specific Code)”,
Now change this to “hl=en” and your are done(don’t use the double quotes). Refresh the page with same URL or press enter while the cursor is in the URL box and you are done.

If the hl parameter is missing from the query string, add &hl=en to the query string.
Or if there is no query string add ?hl=en to the URL.

The page will automatically convert to English language.

Now You can see your site statics in English for your sites. Hope that helped you! If so don't forget to share it.. !!


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