Tuesday, 23 July 2013

India Vs Srilanka Final Match : The Memorable Last Over Ever!

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India Vs Srilanka Final Match : The Memorable Last Over Ever!


I am putting that last over stat here just to remember this Mind Boggling final Match between India and Sri Lanka and the exulting and thrilling inning from the greatest Indian Batsman and Skipper ever Mahendra Singh Dhoni. In the final over India has to score 15 runs to win the Celkon Mobile series. In a match where scoring 5 runs from an over was very much difficult and scoring 15 runs in the last over was the task next to picking a frog from a pond!
But after all Captain Cool never sets us disappointed and like many of the instances in the past this time M S Dhoni once again does it and does it in a fashion.

I am giving the ball-by-ball statistics of the last over which was delivered by Shaminda Eranga who had a chance to encounter Dhoni’s colossus so early in his career.

Last Over

India needed 15 Runs to win the finals , Sri Lanka needed 1 wicket to score a victory, Captain Cool Dhoni on the strike.

Last Over 1st Ball (15 runs required)

Shaminda bowls a good length ball that was wide outside the off stump Dhoni tries to slug it but misses it completely and that only added to the pressure as the dot ball meant 15 runs to be scored on 5 balls!

Last Over 2nd  Ball (15 runs required)

Shaminda bowls a over pitched delivery in the slot outside the off stump and Dhoni hits a Mammoth Six. It was not a perfectly timed shot but you could imagine the power of the shot from Dhoni that it was powered enough to go over the Trinidad skyline. That Six eased out some pressure and Indian fans were a bit cheerful now and at the same time Sri Lankan’s Fan started praying for the victory.

Last Over 3rd  Ball (9 runs required)

Shaminda bowls an intentional short of the length delivery and within a 100th fraction of second Dhoni sliced the square cut hard in the deep backward point that fetched Indian team a boundary and now clouds of Indian victory has started spreading all over the sky.

Last Over 4th  Ball (5 runs required)

Shaminda bowls a full of the length delivery and that’s enough for Dhoni to end the match in a fashion. Dhoni staying at the crease hits it hard enough to go all the way for a six at wide long off and Joy and happy moment was spread all through the Indian fans and disappointment through Srilankan fans.

Nevertheless Srilankan bowlers did well in the match and throughout the match was moving to and fro from Indian favor to Srilankan. But It was Captain Cool Dhoni’s show who changed all the statistics in the last over and is called as “The greatest finisher of all time” by Cricket legends and experts.

Cheers to Dhoni and Cheers to Indian Team and cheers to Sakshi ;) ! J J J


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