Thursday, 22 August 2013

Free Photo: How To Get One For Free Usage

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Free Photo: How To Get One For Free Usage

Most of us panic before using an image on the web as many of them might be copyright protected and what if the owner of the image finds about it. We and our website or blog might get penalized and in the worst case scenario we might have to pay a huge sum to the owner whose copyright has been violated. The recent case between Apple and Samsung is no different.

Sounds dreadful no?

So what is the solution?

I have seen many people finding any image on the internet and editing them on some of the image editing software and then publishing it.

Is that method valid and can save you from jurisdiction?

Hell no!

It will only reduce the chance of you getting caught but impose you a charge of editing the image without having the copyright of the image.

So again you are in trouble, no?

Ah! Common show me some way … !

Well, To be honest, You have two ways..

First, Either you pay for the image and get the image for the use after author’s permission.
Which I know you are not going to do ;) /Or don’t want to do otherwise you might not be reading this article.

Second, Take the help from Google. Google will again be your savior in finding the right (and not the copyright image ;) ) for you so that you can use it without any fear and can edit it freely.
So, I am going to explain you the method but do promise me to share this post if you like it otherwise you should close this page.


Just Kidding! lOl …. Go On After all I am not one of the freak author to pull you to the court for free use of the resources. It’s your blog and you are free to take advantage of it.

Step One : Google Image Contains All Type Of Images On The Web

When You search on the Google Image search for some specific type of image it will show you all kind of images irrespective of whether they are copyrighted or not.
Let’s say for example I search for the term “Copyright” in the image search. It will show me something like this.

Free Photo
Free Images

You are again confused and you have no idea which image to choose for use.

Step Two: Google Provides the Feature Which Is Known As “Advanced Search”.

On the Top Right corner you will see a Geared Wheel above all the search results. Kindly refer to the below image for the clear picture of where to find it. Click on that Geared Wheel and you will see a few options as shown in the below image. Choose “Advanced Search”.

Free Photo
Free Images

Step Three: Choose what Type Of Image Do You Need

As soon as You Click on the “Advanced Search” option you will be taken to the new window that has many things to know about your searched but as of now I already have converted your Hot Coffee to Cold Coffee so let’s focus on the Option “Usage Rights”.

Free Photo
Free Images

As you can see in the below image You have several Options enabled you have to choose wisely what permission level you need and then click on the blue “Advanced Search” Button.

And Bingo!

You are done!

Choose any one of the image that best suits your need and looks pleasant and Use it for free.

And in the end Don’t forget Your Promise! :P 


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