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Amazing trick To Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Request


So Today one of my friend’s Facebook account was hit by some spammer and he asked me to have a look over it. Giving the details of the problem he was facing he told me that, Today on my notification I see many notices that says some Mr./Miss X, Y, Z  has accepted your friend request these are the persons I never remember to whom I have send the requests.

When I had a look of his notification his concern seem to be genuine as many of the friend requests were getting accepted on a single day and most of them were strangers. So, There was definitely something fishy.

As an instant solution he wanted me to cancel all the pending requests sent to the strangers and he was Ok with those who already have accepted his friend request (as a result of those spammy request).

I never had encountered such issue so even I needed to do a bit of research, but most of the article related to the topic that is “How to Cancel the Pending Facebook Friend requests” over internet were obsolete as Facebook changes its user interface over the time frequently. Even The Great Technology Blog “” by Amit Agarwal had some outdated materials for this.

An Article on this suggested me to download my All Facebook Data and follow the process which would have taken me a day or more to complete and I was like … ROFL!

So I did a bit of research on my own profile and have come up with two great Ideas that are really a life saver and can be completed in just minutes:

The first one I would say is a perfect white Hat method and takes more time if you don't have too many friend request sent and have not been approved by the person. This method is likely to be useful for those who have not been hit by the spam rather they have sent the friend request intentionally to a few people which have not been accepted.

1st Method: Cancel Pending Friend Request One by one

I would advise you to follow this step if you have not sent too many friend requests that are yet to be approved and many of those requests are pending. Simply because you have to cancel each sent request one by one and that takes a bit of time.

Now follow these steps:

1.       Go to your Facebook timeline. For that you need to click your name on the facebook home page.

facebook friend request
Cancel all pending facebook friend request

2.      Click on the activity Log.

3.      On the Left sidebar of the Facebook page click on the “More” button you can see the Activity logs which shows your chart of different Facebook activities. Here we are concerned with friend’s activity so click on the link “friends” as shown in the image 2.

facebook friend request
Cancel all pending facebook friend request

4.      Now you are in to your Friends activity log book. You can see here all your “friend request sent”, “friend request accepted” and “friend request received”.

5.      Now all you have to do “Ctrl+F” and type in “sent”.

6.      You will be able to see all the instances where you have send a friend request which are still pending.

facebook friend request
Cancel all pending facebook friend request

7.      Now The process is simple, just hover your mouse on the person’s name, A sort bio window of the person will appear

8.      Now, Hover your mouse on the “Friend Request Sent” button and click on “Unfriend”.

9.      Bingo, you are done!

2nd Method: The Apparent Black Hat Method.

This method is advisable if you have been hit by a “Multiple Friend Request sending” spam or you have sent a friend request in bulk or have been caught red handed by your Girlfriend/wife sending request to different girl. ;)

This Method I call a black hat method because you will be fooling Facebook in doing something out of the Facebook Norms.

So here You Go:

1.       Pick out any random name you think of.

2.      Search that name in Facebook friend finder.

3.      Pick out any random one from the search result and check that you are not anyway connected with him also the guy/girl has lot many friends and the list of friend is shared.

4.      Now go to his Friend section and start sending friend requests randomly to every person you see in the list.

5.      After sending a good number of friend request say 50. Facebook will prompt you that
“You are sending friend request to multiple person and your friend request has been blocked for next two days. i.e. You will not be abl to send any request for next two days”.

Now click on the next button and on the next screen it will ask you want to “cancel the entire pending friend request”.

Say yes to that and just click next.

(Note: You will not be able to send any friend request by this method for the next two days).

6.      Now click on the Like button of our Facebook page. ;)

7.      And Voila! You have cancelled all of your previously sent friend requests.

<========================== UPDATE ==========================>

You can also directly see the list of friend request sent and people you may know list HERE
Pre-Condition = You should be logged in to your Facebook Acc.

<========================== UPDATE ==========================>

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  1. Thanks for sharing. BTW facebook has just blocked me for a month and forced me to cancel all request. It was a more easy method as compared to you have shared here. :D