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How To Make People Stay On Your Website.

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Why User Time Spent On Your Website Is Important For You?

In view of search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing  The importance of a webpage is based significantly on how much time a user spend on the webpage this is pertaining to the fact that the more time a user spend on a webpage the more relevant and more importance the page is having in view of a user.

How Long Does A User Stay On Your Website? :

So the question here is how long does a user stays on a webpage before leaving it. The answer to this question is perennial yet a simple answer is :

Not very Long!

Normally a user will leave a page in the time duration of 10-20 seconds, this is simply because of the fact that a user searching information on internet with the help of a search engine is presented by tons of results over the internet and user has to choose for the most relevant result among these.

Pages with a clear value proposition are able to get the gaze for much longer. Study says the visit duration for a webpage follows negative “Weibull Distribution”. The average page visit duration lasts slightly less than a minute. Time spent on a website varies widely. According to latest study as the user rush through the web pages they have time to surf only one quarter of the content of a webpage.

Are You A Great Writer And You Write Extremely Well?

Unless you are a great writer with focused and extraordinary content a very little of what you have to say will be perceived by the user. Due to this large variation the average time spent on the webpage is not the clear measure of the time what time a user spend on a website.

What Do Researches Say?

 According to the latest research done by Microsoft, mathematical depiction of the user behavior follows the negative Weibull Distribution curve. This was based on the data collected from 205,873 different Web pages for which 10,000 visits data were captured.

I won’t go to the technical detail of this study as chances are you will leave this page soon too.  ;) So I will simply tell you the simple understanding of this and how you can utilize it to increase your spent time on your website.

user behavior on Internet
user behavior on Internet (courtesy: )

Now consider the above graph this is a simple “Probability of Leaving the Webpage Now” vs. “Time Visiting the Page so Far” (In Seconds).

Analyze The Graph To Understand The User Behavior:

As you can see the first 10 seconds are very crucial for determining whether the user will stay on the page or will leave instantly. The curve in this reason is very steep. This user behavior is due to the suffering from many poorly designed Web Pages and containing mostly the useless information, in the past and user tend to be very skeptical in this time frame.

As it is clear from the chart that first 10 seconds are very crucial as user in this initial time judge the usefulness of a page and the probability of a user leaving this time frame is quite high. There are certain factors such as:

  • Good and Eye-catching Web Design
  • Simple Layout
  • Focused and high quality content
  • Meaningful Good Quality images

Can catch the attention of a user and make user stay longer on the webpage.

If the webpage survives this screening round of 10 seconds of user judgment, user will stay around the webpage a bit for the time frame of next 20 seconds that is during the 30 seconds. However the user is still likely to leave the page. Only after the user have managed to stay for 30 seconds on the page, the curve becomes extremely flat after the 30 seconds. People still leave the page but now at a very slow rate as compared to the first 30 seconds.

So in a nutshell, if you managed to make user stay for the first 30 seconds, there is a fare chance that the user will stay long enough on most of the time 2 minute or more.

So all I would say that to gain the several minutes of stay of a user on your website you have 10 seconds of to communicate your value proposition.

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