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Exam Time? Feeling Stressed? Now Is The Time To Act!

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Are your exams near?

You must be stressed, right?

I know I am right!

Everybody is ….

, when it comes to tackling exam!

If anyone seems to be not so caring, then believe me, that is just a show off!

Yes you heard it right!

Either He/she is showing off that he/she doesn’t care or ignorant enough to not worry about the results or rather knowing the exam results in advance. :D

So what is the point I want to prove here?

Nothing, the point is to tell you that you are not the only one who is terrified with what is going to happen in exam, every second guy is.

Needless to say as the D Day is approaching you have made several changes in your routine.

You must have reduced numbers of playing hours
Must have cut the time that you spend with your friends and if you do then most of the time you discuss about the dreadful exam papers that is going to churn out your brain. No?
Above all you have even started talking less to your family members, Right?
You simply get annoyed when someone asks your help, Right?

So what’s again the Point I am trying to make?

Same again, everyone does!

Believe me if you think these points applies to you perfectly then No wonder every second person who is going to sit in the exam hall with you is feeling the same.

But why I am telling you all these?

OK, before I answer, I want you to figure it out.

Did You?


OK, I just wanted to make you feel that you are no less than any one of your fellow friend who is going to share the exam hall with you.

If you think that Guy X has done it all and you have not even started then probably you are doing a mistake.

There is no doubt if the Guy X has been consistent throughout the year and have covered all the syllabus for the exam time, has an edge over the others but if he not able to recollect all those things at exam than it is a waste from exam perspective.

Believe me how you do in a test is much more dependent on how you have managed to do in the last 1-2 months.
Yes, once again you heard it right!

Exam is test of:
How great strategic you are as a person
How greatly you are able to implement your strategy
How much you are able to hold your nerves
How much you are able to make the best use of what you have got/studied
In a nutshell, how you approach things, that is, Your Attitude!

So, If you think all of what I have said applies to you than it’s the time to react not sit and suck over all the quality time that you have wasted.

Attitude is not built up by reading an article, or in a day or getting motivated by some biography.
You start building it when you start acting!

Yes you again heard it right!

It’s the time for you to get up and make a great plan for you and start acting it like crazy, 80% chances are you will fail at the first time..!!!

Does that horrify you?

But you have nothing to lose from here and the good thing is that you will only gain from here.
Keep in mind not everything can be tested in a single exam and not a single exam can decide your future but that doesn’t mean you will screw off your exam easily anyway.

At their peak time Australian Cricket Team has this awesome attitude of not accepting the defeat until the last ball is not delivered, Even if they have to score 70 runs in an over, they will try to make every effort to go for at-least 36 runs in an over (This is the maximum score that can be scored in an over provided the baller/fielder does not give some extra runs).

They will have all the fielders in a 15-30 Yard circle even if the batting team has to score just 1 run with 10 wickets remaining in 10 overs.

So what I am trying to prove here, there were teams that have better individual players, but Australians were undefeatable even against the World’s Top 11 team.

That was just because of their attitude!

They simply won’t let go anything!

They will fight every bit of it.

And what is the greatest thing they never felt down when they lose, because they took those moments to assess their selves and came back better every time.

Australians are the only team I have seen who will score an average of 4-4.5 per over in a test match while the other team averaging it around 3 or less.


They had always come with a mindset to win the match and series, that only puts the pressure on the opposite team and as result Australia has the record of winning the highest number of test matches in a row.

Needless to say, From the day they had stopped showing this attitude, started declining as a team.

Believe me with this attitude you too can!

There is nothing going to stop you from being a winner if you made a hard headed decision.

Go Tiger It’s your turn now!

Still have any doubt or want to ask something? Let me know in the comment box.

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